We’re so excited! Our client, Laura Vandervoort, will be in the upcoming SAW movie to be released in October.

We have several huge horror movie fans here at Teakettica, so we are counting down the days until October 27! In just a few short months the next installment to the SAW series will be released in theaters.

Our lovely client, Laura Vandervoort, is starring in the Saw franchise’s newest installment, Jigsaw! Follow Anna (Laura Vandervoort) as a mysterious madman rounds up his victims to play sadistic games of life and death. Evidence is soon found to link these crimes to Jigsaw, the infamous killer. But Jigsaw died ten years ago…

We can’t wait!

Check out the trailer here! (She is at 1:20)

Oh, and here’s the website we did for Laura’s 11:11 project.

Website design for actor Laura Vandervoort

Laura’s official site