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Teakettica, LLC has published their annual Top Ten Inspiring Women Email Series for 2018.

Newark, Delaware — 10/22/18 — Teakettica’s second annual Top Ten Inspiring Women Email Series has been published on their website. This series allows women in the Greater Delaware Valley to be nominated by their friends and peers to be interviewed for this ten-day email series.

The winners are interviewed about their story, work ethic, advice for young women, and more. Along with each interview is a short introduction from the Creative Director, Jane Clark, that explains why that winner was chosen to be featured. This year’s winners included women in a variety of professional fields including: real estate, marketing and communications, photography, travel industry, and so much more.

The winners of 2018:

When asked about why she started the series, Jane Clark explained that it was all about the desire to bring attention to other women in business.

“We don’t expect this to drive business to us [Teakettica] or make money off of this in anyway. We just genuinely want to showcase amazing women who may otherwise go unnoticed by today’s media.”

If you missed the opportunity to participate in this email series, you can read all the interviews here.

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