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Teakettica, LLC took home two awards at this year’s Delaware Small Business Chamber 2019 Annual Meeting and Blue Ribbon Awards.

Newark, Delaware — 4/24/2019 — Teakettica announced that the company has been voted Best Website at this year’s Annual Meeting and Blue Ribbon Awards ceremony hosted by the Delaware Small Business Chamber (DSBC). Teakettica was awarded Best Website for both Judge’s Choice and Voter’s Choice. This year, there was a three-way tie for the Best Website Voter’s Choice award between Teakettica, The Salt Cove, and Bing’s Bakery.

“I can’t believe we had a three-way tie for best website,” Jane Clark, Creative Director of Teakettica, stated. “It’s so wonderful to share the spotlight with friends.” This  marks the fourth year in a row that Teakettica has brought home awards from the DSBC’s Annual Meeting and Blue Ribbon Awards.

The DSBC supports small local businesses in the state of Delaware and the surrounding areas. They focus on small businesses with less than one hundred employees, and larger companies that economically support them. The DSBC’s Board of Directors is comprised of local business owners and professionals including Teakettica’s Creative Director, Jane Clark, who serves as Chairperson of the Marketing Committee.

The Annual Meeting and Blue Ribbon Awards is a yearly event hosted by the Delaware Small Business Chamber. In the past, local businesses were recognized by both judges and community votes, but this year they modified the voting system. For each award,  the voting was performed by a panel of judges, a committee of business owners, or the general members of the Delaware Small Business Chamber.

“It’s been an honor to recognize so many great businesses and individuals over the last eight years,” Bob Older, President of the Chamber, stated. “I look forward to our continued expansion and I’m eager to see what the future will bring to our chamber members.”

Teakettica, LLC is a woman-owned branding and web design studio based in Newark, Delaware. Since 2009, the company has worked with a variety of businesses, helping them  to achieve big results with their brand design and creative strategies.

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