This month, Teakettica helped launch the new Delaware-based Tenant Screening Company with their client, Worry Free Tenant. This new tenant screening service benefits both landlords and tenants.

Worry Free Tenant’s landlord services are free and give every landlord the ability to connect with potential tenants and view their reports, all from one easy-to-use dashboard. Landlords also have the option to post and manage all their rental properties from the same dashboard, keeping everything in one organized place. Tenants benefit from Worry Free Tenant’s services as well. For one flat fee, tenants receive a full screening report and can share it with as many Worry Free Tenant landlords as they would like. This report not only takes away the risk of having multiple credit inquiries, but it includes all the information a landlord asks for, compiled into one easy report.

For two years, Teakettica has worked with Worry Free Tenant in building the business from the ground up. Teakettica started with the company’s brand, and designed the logos, business cards, social media banners, and graphics. Then, they moved on to design the website, and the membership site. During the web design process, Teakettica was responsible for the front end development, and then worked with Agoranet on the technical backend development to build a custom UX Design platform from scratch.

Now that the site has launched, Teakettica is working with Worry Free Tenant to design and run their marketing campaign, guiding them to promotional success. This includes drafting social media calendars, researching popular topics in the industry, designing more social media graphics, and scheduling posts for the company. They have also written up press releases and helped manage the brand across multiple medians, including video.

“It’s amazing to work with clients so committed and business savvy,” Jane Clark, Creative Director of Teakettica, said. “We at Teakettica are so proud and excited to have branded this company, create the user experience, and market it to both landlords and tenants. It’s something they so desperately need.”

The founders of Worry Free Tenant, Jane Perillo and Laura Stayton, are eager about their business’s official launch and helping both tenants and landlords. “I’ve done property management for 30 years,” Perillo said. “When I google ‘tenant screening’ and go to other websites, it is not easy. It’s not simple. It’s confusing and I could see where a property owner with a tenant standing in front of them with a check to move in would want to skip that step.” 

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