Well, it looks like the WWF (no – not the world wrestling foundation) put the word out that we’re interested in protecting wildlife and endangered species. This week we received 4 pleas for donations from 4 different wildlife organizations. All sent free stuff. Maps. Decals. Address labels. Stickers. Calendars. We felt pressured to donate to them all! But we felt our dollar would go farther if we chose one. So, we did our research and chose the organization we felt aligned with our own agenda.

That’s why we chose the Sierra Club. They are addressing the animals that need our help now — and they are doing so through land conservation and more than taking donations — they are sending petitions to our Congressional leaders to work with the Obama Administration to restore and strength Endangered Species Act protections. (The free rucksack is a bonus.)

Animals that Need Your Help Now:

  • Yellowstone Wolves: The wolves in and around Yellowstone have been hunted, nearly 200 killed who wandered outside the protection of the park. Sierra Club helped reinstall federal protection for the wolves in the region.
  • Polar Bears in Alaska: This threatened species has gone without assistance for over 3 years due to the protection act’s inability to stop the oil drilling in their habitat.
  • Florida Panther: Fewer than 100 left due to highway accidents and loss of habitat.
  • America’s Grizzly Bears: Previous protection lifted, the bear’s habitat is also being destroyed by the pine beetle, which is consuming one of their main sources of food: the whitebark pine. 40% of the grizzly’s habitat is without protection, only surviving in the lower 48 states due to the protections afforded under the Endangered Species Act.

For more information or to help with this cause, visit www.sierraclub.org.

(Photos from Sierra Club)