Have you met Ryleigh Johnson?

Ryleigh started working at Teakettica as an intern last year and has worked her way up to be an awesome Web and Graphic Designer; she graduated high school a year early and is now attending Cecil County College. Fun fact, Ryleigh is set to attain her degree in Web Design and Multimedia in Spring 2018 at the age of 19! While taking the standard web and graphic design classes, Ryleigh has also taken classes in a variety of other topics including: programming, photography, and drawing.

Ryleigh has a wide range of skills and excels in graphic design and custom illustrations. When it comes to web and graphic design, her favorite aspects are designing layouts for projects such as posters, fliers, and websites. Ryleigh is also a huge fan of doing work that involves illustrating such as making logos and icons. She is constantly acquiring new skills to add to her repertoire. Currently, she is studying how to make fonts!

While working at Teakettica, Ryleigh has contributed to many web and graphic design projects including:

Ryleigh’s current project? We’re not allowed to say. But we can tell you that she is creating some amazing illustrations for a fortune 300 company…

When Ryleigh isn’t creating amazing designs at Teakettica, she can be found fencing at Modern Duelists Fencing Academy and raising freshwater aquarium fish.