Included are 7 articles we put together to help inspire and guide you through marketing and branding your small business for 2016. Thanks to our Intern Taylor Dorn for putting this together!

1. Effective Content Marketing in 2016

Quality Content Will Dominate
Crafting quality content will finally be taken seriously, with businesses trying a variety of tactics to grab their target audience’s attention.

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2. Tips for Entrepreneurs 

Being an entrepreneur means that you’ll often blaze your own trail: No career guides, counselors or maps will guide you from one step to the next: You’ll have to make it up as you go. I’ve been an entrepreneur my whole adult life and it’s the only career I’ve ever known. In a way, that makes me lucky: I’ve become not only comfortable with, but actually good at, forging ahead into unchartered territory.

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3. Inspiring Small Business Quotes

When things get tough, it is always good to remember why you started your business in the first place. So, we put together these 15 great quotes from inspiring leaders, which obviously include small business owners just like you.

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4. Marketing Ideas for Limited Budgets

Don’t have many bucks to spend on your biz? No worries – there are plenty of marketing tactics you can make use of that won’t blow your budget. Let’s see how far you can stretch those dollars! Here are 20+ marketing ideas for small businesses working on a small budget.

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5. Tips for Organizing Your Business

An organized business is a productive business. You may not consider yourself blessed with natural organizational skills, but now is the perfect time to get your business and work space organized.  Read More >

6. Creative Marketing Strategies

It takes a lot of time and effort to develop and maintain a marketing campaign that resonates with your intended audience. As a strategic thinker, however, the development of a marketing campaign takes even more consideration. After all, we’re always searching for ways to gain the oh-so important competitive edge.

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7. Reality of Brand Loyalty

Ever since the term “engagement” snuck into the picture, marketers have been blowing smoke about how important it is to regularly engage with customers, touting the untold benefits of regular contact.

The problem is that this belief couldn’t be further from the truth. Most consumers do not care about how much you engage with them—and I have the data to prove it.

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