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Corie Bennett-DeCubellis

American Van & Storage Corp. | Co-Owner | Visit Website


The Story

Tell us how it all started. Why? What’s the story?

1959 – My grandparents started this company in the basement of their home in Colonial Heights in Wilmington, DE; branching off from my GREAT-grandfathers’ T. Bennett & Sons. We had very humble beginnings. Almost everyone in my family has or still is working for American Van. I love coming to work every day and seeing my brother, sister and brother-in-law. Together we make a great team. Even those who might not be related feel as though they are. We have many long term employees that have been here a long time. One salesperson has been here almost 40 years!

In short: We LOVE what we do! We enjoy helping our clients through their relocations. We help ‘Calm Their Chaos’!

Biggest Success

What is your biggest success so far?

Celebrating 50 years affiliated with the same van line. Atlas Van Lines has been our van line of choice since 1965.

And what might not seem like a BIG success…is the referrals from past clients to their friends, family or businesses. It’s a HUGE compliment! I love to hear that customers loved our crews so much that they have recommended us.

Biggest Challenge

What is the biggest challenge in your industry? What are you doing to deal with that?

The housing market is not as strong as it has been in the past, that’s no secret. That directly affects our COD market. If houses aren’t selling, people aren’t moving. We stay flexible with our rates and keep ‘pounding the pavement’. Things are looking up.


What advice would you give to a business owner starting out in your industry that you wish you would have known going in?

Don’t worry too much about your competitors. There is PLENTY of business to go around. We actually refer another moving company often when our schedule is full. Just do right by your clients and everything will fall into place.

Surprise Tidbit

What don’t most people realize about you or your company?

That we are indeed a small business. We are viewed as an agent for Atlas Van Lines, then it’s automatically thought that every Atlas truck you see on the highway is ours!

We specialize in so much more than just moving families. We provide commercial relocations, storage, document management and storage…so many facets to our business!

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