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Newark, Delaware— 10/25/17 — Teakettica, LLC announced today that their Design Coordinator, Emily Martin, has just been recognized as a distinguished alumnus from her high school St. Georges Technical.

Growing up, Emily loved learning about all the creative ways to use a computer. Emily knew from early on what career path she wanted to take, she just didn’t know how to get there. This led her to become a member of the Web and Print Technology program at St. Georges, which in turn showed her to her current position at Teakettica.

For Emily, attending St. Georges was the foundation in which she has built her career on. While she learned the basics that she needed for college, she also learned essential life lessons such as the value of working hard, overcoming obstacles, critical thinking, and time management. However, the most important thing that St. Georges provided for her was support from all the staff, especially her teacher Mrs. Zack. In fact, Emily is still in contact with her teacher who supports her and cheers on all her achievements both at the University of Delaware, and Teakettica.

“I encourage all my fellow HAWKS to take advantage of all St. Georges is offering you. St. Georges wants us all to succeed,” says Martin.


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