Cheers to ten years!

We can hardly believe that it’s our tenth birthday! Another busy year has come and gone here at Teakettica, and now we’d like to take a moment and share some of our accomplishments from the last ten years. After all, we couldn’t have done it without you!

Since opening its doors in 2009, Teakettica has worked with over 300 of clients and completed well over 1500 projects. In the past ten years, we’ve worked with a variety of clients including small local businesses to fortune 300 companies. Lawyers, charities, medical offices, and more, we’re honored to be able to work with a diverse clientele.

Looking Back

Our Favorite Projects

It was nearly impossible to narrow down all our projects and pick out our favorites, but we managed to pick out a few to share with you. These are some of our favorite and notable branding, web design, graphic, and logo design projects.

Want to see more? You can view all our work on our portfolio!


Over the years, Teakettica has been awarded with a multitude of awards for web design, graphic design, branding, and marketing.

Our first-place awards include:

  • Best Website — Judge’s Choice; Delaware Small Business Chamber; 2018
  • Best Website — People’s Choice; Delaware Small Business Chamber; 2018
  • Best Graphic Design — Public Voting; North DelaWHEREHappening; 2017
  • Best Web Designer — Public Voting; North DelaWHEREHappening; 2017
  • Best Marketing — People’s Choice; Delaware Small Business Chamber; 2017
  • Best Web Designer — Public Voting; North DelaWHEREHappening; 2016
  • Best Website of the Year — Judge’s Choice; Delaware Small Business Chamber; 2016
  • Best Marketing — People’s Choice; Readers’ Choice, The News Journal; 2013

Our other notable awards include:

  • The Happy Self-Publisher’s Speaker One-Sheet — Second Place; Delaware Press Association’s Communications Contest; 2017
  • The Happy Self-Publisher’s Press Kit — Honorable Mention; Delaware Press Association’s Communications Contest; 2017

Giving Back

Internship Program

Teakettica specializes in internships that focus on branding, graphic design, web design and development, SEO, social media, marketing, and more. Interns have the choice on whether they would like to focus on one or multiple specialties.

“Interning with Teakettica was a great opportunity that helped me understand the process of working for clients. The work environment is great and makes interning at Teakettica fun and enjoyable. I highly recommend interning with Teakettica if you’re interested in this line of work.”

Alayne Rivera-Butler

Web & Graphic Design

Interns at Teakettica not only learn about the industry and specialty of their choosing, but they also get hands on experience working with real clients. Teakettica’s Pro Bono projects and Internship program go hand in hand. Many of the interns at Teakettica work on the various pro bono projects that come through Teakettica’s office. This allows interns to do real work, get real time feedback, and learn what it’s like to design work for a client.

If you or anyone you know is interested in interning with Teakettica, they can apply here!

Pro Bono Projects

Teakettica loves to give back to the community, which is why we try to take on at least one Pro Bono project each year. Here are some of our pro bono projects that we’ve completed over the years…

Top 10 Women Email Series

Top TeN Most Inspiring Women

In 2017, Teakettica started a new email series called Top Ten Most Inspiring Women. This series allows women in the Greater Delaware Valley to be nominated by their friends and peers for the ten-day email series. Each day in this series features a different interview where the winners talk about their story, work ethic, advice for young women, and more.

Jane Clark, Creative Director of Teakettica, started this series as a way to showcase amazing women in the local area who may otherwise go unnoticed by today’s media.

Nominations for the 2019 series are expected to start around the late Spring or early Summer. Keep your eyes out for the official announcement if you wish to nominate someone, or yourself, for this year’s series!

Promotional Products

In the last few months, Teakettica began the process of creating a line of promotional products. Currently, we have newly designed pens, notepads, recyclable bags, and mugs! Come check out these products can be found at a Teakettica tradeshow booth or networking event. 


Overall, we are beyond excited to be celebrating a worldwind 10 years and we can’t wait for the next decade of creative adventures. Thank you for showing Teakettica love, whether you have been here from day 1 or just yesterday.  After so many rebrands, we hope that we finally found the right rhythm and create many brand designs to inspire. As Jane always says, honor the process.

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