Whether your endeavor is a startup or an existing company looking for a relaunch, these items are the foundation of a successful business.


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  1. What do you do? — Become an expert in your industry by choosing a niche.
  2. Target Audience — Mostly women or men? Age bracket? What problems do they face? Know your audience and what they care about.
  3. Brand Personality — What’s your brand image? Take our quiz at teakettica.com/brand-personality-series/
  4. Logo Design — Hire a designer to create the most basic form of your company’s visual identity.
  5. Domain Name — Buy your domain, roughly $15/yr. Get something memorable, short, and unique.
  6. Website Design — Create a branded & beautiful, mobile-friendly website to bring you closer to your customers. Don’t forget social media integration.
  7. Email with Custom Domain — Make your email yourname@customdomain.com.
  8. Email Signature — Design a simple signature and add it to every email sent, even replies.
  9. Email Marketing — Setup an email list and have a subscribe form on your website. Create a template that matches your brand. We recommend MailChimp for beginners.
  10. Business Cards — Don’t skimp on these! Get creative and use high quality paper stocks.
  11. Social Branding & Strategy — Choose your social media platform(s). Extend your brand to your profile pics and cover photos. Consider ads and boosting posts.
  12. Content Strategy: Blog & Social — Create content consistently in your brand voice. Stay relevant and current.
  13. Style Guide — Create a manual of style that you can send to staff and vendors to make sure your brand is being used consistently and correctly. This contains items such as:
    • Brand Colors and color codes
    • Brand Fonts and fall backs
    • Brand Photography — Curated images to use for social media posts, ads and more.Brand Voice — Identify your brand voice and inspire loyalty to your products and services.
    • Branding Kit — This kit contains all logos, fonts, pictures and other files for your brand.
  14. Brand Assessment — How does your brand compare to others? Does it stand out?
  15. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) — Help your future clients find you through focus keyphrases.


Download & Print

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