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Teakettica is a woman-owned web design and branding studio based in Newark, Delaware. Since 2009, Our mission has always been to help small businesses bloom through thoughtful brand design and marketing strategies.

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We’re Teakettica. Delaware’s leading woman-owned web design and branding studio. Our distinctive creativity in design and boldness in marketing are behind the growth and revitalization of every business type – the small, the large, the startup and the corporation. We’re the team that’s committed to doing what’s right, for our clients, for other humans, for Delaware.


We are focused on building a better Delaware through our commitment to corporate social responsibility — via pro bono work, mentorships and more. 

We are passionate about solving problems creatively through branding and web design. We’ve been repeatedly awarded best web designer, graphic designer, and marketing in Delaware.


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Why you should hire us

We think we're awesome, but of course we're a little biased...
100% Woman-Owned

Teakettica is 100% female owned in a male-dominated industry — but we hang just fine with the boys. Currently our team is comprised of all leading ladies.


Any project that goes through us will get done the right way. We’re known for producing high-quality work and exceeding client expectations.

The Full Package

With a wide-variety of services all done in-house, we can take a client from branding to marketing, putting a strategy in place based on industry and client demands. We can do it all.

Our Process

We have spent years developing our comprehensive & organized process. Clear communication, time frames, and proofing is key. We know what questions to ask and set clear expectations. Click here to to get the presentation!

Professional Problem Solvers

We’ll provide ideas, suggestions, and an outsider’s view on your project. If there is a simpler, more user-friendly way of doing something, we’ll find it. We think creatively so you don’t have to.

Pretty Green

We do our best to reduce our footprint by helping our clients save on postage and envelopes with online invoices, contracts, and payments. Big on recycling, we use less than one ream of paper per year. We’re pretty green!

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Why Teakettica?

Key Differentiators

We Mentor

One of our passions is mentoring other design professionals and students. They may mentor with us to learn a specific design or programming skill, or to find a perfect niche. We continue to offer counsel well after the internship has ended providing a lifelong connection.

Multi Award-winning

Every year we continue to bring home awards for multiple services. Check them out here…


We’re affiliated with the BBB, DSBC, DSCC, and more. Plus we love giving back to our favorite local charities, Faithful Friends and the Delaware SPCA.

Pro Bono

We give back by taking on 1-3 pro bono projects a year to a nonprofit who needs it.

We'll call you back.

We’re known for our super-fast customer service. We’re blazing fast via email and we always return phone calls in a timely manner. 

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