Nominations have just opened up on Delaware Today for selecting the 2014 Woman in Business and I’ve been nominated! If you have a few minutes and think that I’m a good candidate then please go to the nomination page and vote for me. Thanks everyone!

Here is a link to the Nomination Site:

Here is a link to our company site, Teakettica, LLC, if you want to see more of our work:

Here is what Meredith S. Keating wrote in her nomination as shared on her Facebook Page:

“Jane Clark is a pioneer in Web Design. At the age of 26 she founded her own web design company, Teakettica, LLC. For the last five years, she has been working with small businesses, to give them the clean, sleek websites they need to compete with big business. In this male dominated profession, Jane has proven that women have more than just “an eye” for what looks good, but they have the skill-set and intellect it takes to create, manage and own a web design company.

Jane has over 120 clients, a client list that she’s built single-handed, working with a small team of freelance developers. Jane’s passionate about creating completely custom logos, web layouts, and branding for her clients.

Jane, also has given back to the community. She teaches Web Design courses at Cecil College. Her bright and vibrant nature inspires the young and old alike in a comfortable learning environment that makes web design not only fun, but easy!

Jane Clark is my former teacher, internship mentor, and just recently is now my boss! I’ve become her first part-time employee!

This incredible woman should be the 2014 Woman in Business of the year!”