I am incredibly excited!

A colleague of mine, Jennifer Bagley from Aflac, introduced me to News4Women.org. After contacting the Chief Visionary Officer, an extremely awesome woman named Carol Arnott, within days I was featured in the limelight! Check it out!


News4Women: Success can be defined in many ways. How do you define success?
teakettica: I don’t ask myself if I’m successful; I ask if I’m happy. It makes everything less complicated.

News4Women: If you could have a conversation with a particular individual, living or dead, who would it be and why?
teakettica: Definitely Queen Elizabeth the First. She was born out of the greatest scandal of the 16th century and still managed to preside over England’s Golden Age while not even taking a husband for support. She’s my hero!

News4Women: Tell us about your favorite book or author.
teakettica: One of my favorites is a poetry book written by Susan Minot: Poems 4 A.M. It’s falling apart and the pages are out of order — that’s how good it is.

News4Women: What is something readers of NEWS4Women would be surprised to learn about you?
teakettica: I have a degree in professional photography.

News4Women: Confess a guilty pleasure- come on, we all have them!
teakettica: I love video games — MMOs especially. I’m a total nerd.

News4Women: If you were given $10,000 to make a difference in your community how would you spend it?
teakettica: Teenagers need safe places to hangout besides fast food restaurants or the movie theater. I would look to invest the $10,000 into creating a local internet cafe, arcade, sports, or music facility.